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Snooker is one of the best and most popular games because of its simple rules. It is almost similar to chess but requires you to apply some strategies for a better experience. 

Since the debut of snooker in British, it has gained popularity over the years and has rapidly spread to other parts of the globe. It is one of the top games you can bet on, especially if you are not scared of taking risks. 

In Snooker betting, you predict game results, whether the game is live or a pre-match. Snooker games are featured in various tournaments; from them, you choose where to place your bet. 

Snooker Betting Guide At GGBet

Although snooker betting live looks easy, it can be a challenge to many people, especially if you are still new. In this case, you need a well-detailed guide to achieve your best:

  • Create a betting account and sign in at any time you want to place a bet
  • Top up your account or ensure the balance is enough for a bet
  • Switch to the snooker category
  • Select your preferred snooker event 
  • Compare the odds in the available markets 
  • Add market
  • Wager the cash you want to bet with and then submit the bet
  • Snooker Tournaments

Snooker features in several tournaments, including international and local events. If you are a snooker sports betting enthusiast, you can bet on the following popular tournaments: 


The Masters was among the last events to be introduced in 1975. It is a non-ranking event and does not offer annual ranking points. 

There are multiple betting opportunities on the Masters, for instance, Tournament Outright betting. In addition, you can make under and over bets and players to win the best frame when it comes to live snooker betting strategies. 

World Championship

The World Championship has featured snooker competitions for quite a long time. It is one of the few tournaments attracting many skilled snooker players globally. 

Most World Championship tournaments have been held at the Crucible Theatres and offer great cash prizes to winners. In addition, any World Championship winner gets up to 500 000 ranking points and is crowned the World Champion. This would be a perfect bet snooker option.

Players Championship

The Players Championship was launched in 2011. It involves 32 players; eight are from the Asian Tour Order of Merit, while the other 24 come from the European Tour Order of Merit. 

Some of the Players Championship winners include John Higgins, Neil Robertson, and Judd Trump. 

China Open

China Open is a competitive championship, although it is not included in the Triple Crown events. It started immediately after its launch in 1997. 

China Open tournaments are planned by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association and usually happen in Beijing. This tournament has been included in the World Snooker ranking events. 

Successful snooker sports betting require you to find the best online betting platform. And it’s GGBet! It makes placing bets simple as long as you follow the correct process. However, if you like live bets, you should be quick enough before the markets close.