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Bet on Smite Matches Now!

At GGBet, you can bet on Smite matches from all across the world. GG Bet has the most extensive Smite betting markets, a wide range of bonuses, stats, and even live streams. It takes under 5 minutes to create your account, and you can start betting instantly!

What Is Smite?

Smite is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game similar to League of Legends. The game is a mix of first and third-person. The goal of the game is to use your character and coordinate with your teammates to destroy the enemy towers and crush their Titans of Order. The first team to destroy the enemy’s Titans of Order wins!

Smite has over 30 million registered players. Smite has regular exciting tournaments you can stream and bet on at GGBet.

What Smite Bets Can You Make?

Smite is the perfect esport to wager on, thanks to its wide range of bet types. Here are some of the most popular Smite bet types at GGBet:

  • Match winner - Bet on your favorite Smite team to win a match
  • Tournament winner - Predict which Smite team will win the whole tournament, not just a single match
  • First blood  - Predict which Smite team will record the first kill in a match
  • First structure takedown - Guess which team will destroy the enemy’s structure first

With so many bet types, there is always amazing Smite gambling action at GGBet. Create your account now and take advantage of market-beating odds, exclusive bonuses, and even free live streams!

How Does Smite Betting Work?

Smite betting is very popular because it is simple and makes live matches even more exciting.  To get started and make your first Smite bet now follow these steps:

  • Sign up to GGBet
  • Make a deposit
  • Select Smite
  • Pick a Smite tournament or match
  • Choose a bet type
  • Enter your bet amount
  • Confirm your bet

Before you start Smite betting, you need to study the markets and find the perfect game. We recommend betting on players and leagues you follow, as you can use your knowledge to find great opportunities. You also need to consider your bet size and the odds you receive. Higher odds mean a bigger payout, but you are also taking more risk! You need to find the perfect balance.

What Smite Tournaments Can You Bet On?

Starcraft2 was one of the first games with a professional esports scene. There are still lots of exciting tournaments to bet on. Here are some of the most exciting Starcraft 2 tournaments:

  • World Championship
  • Smite Pro League
  • EU Circuit Playoffs

Are you looking for amazing Smite betting odds? Smite GG.Bet has got you covered! Start betting instantly, and don’t forget to claim your juicy welcome bonus.