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An avid hockey follower could earn a few dollars if you know how to bet. You can easily get the odds right and win with practical ice hockey betting tips. 

Mostly, you can rely on tipsters for ideas, but the risk could be overwhelming if the odds are unattractive. You should familiarize yourself with various tournaments and follow competitions regularly for a good betting experience. 

You can look out for the following leagues if you want to watch ice hockey while staking cash for lucrative wins. 

Ice Hockey Competitions for Betting

Ice hockey has a very competitive season all year round; the most-known competitions for ice hockey sports betting are:

The winter Olympics happens once every four years. Participants look forward to attaining the Olympic gold award.

The world championships is a global annual contest featuring the best 16 ice hockey teams. Most punters enjoy betting in this tournament because it brings top talents together for the ultimate prize.

Since the winter Olympics and world championships are occasional international tournaments, local leagues are worth keeping your eyes on. The following are popular domestic competitions where you can make cash through ice hockey sports betting:

National Hockey League (NHL)

NHL is one of the major competitions in the ice hockey tournament where local tournaments compete for prowess and the league title. 30 teams from the east and west will contest for the eastern or western conference title. 

After this, 16 teams proceed to the final stage, where they compete for the Stanley Cup, featuring the eastern and western conference winners. You can make a profitable ice hockey betting in this contest.

Kontinental Hockey League

The Kontinental contest features teams outside Russia. Mainly, participating sports personnel are from Europe and Asia. KHL is a professional competition where enthusiasts can profit from ice hockey betting live after evaluating the tournament.

You can make predictions by analyzing participating teams or get insights from tipsters. This league's most lucrative ice hockey bet can be achieved after analyzing the tournament and competing teams.

Ice Hockey Betting Ideas at GGBet

Before you get a correct bet ice hockey, you can capitalize on the following:

Tournament outrights ideal if you can predict the final result. For example, you can engage in ice hockey live betting in international contests like the Winter Olympics. The President's trophy is also another competitive scene you can capitalize on. 

The match result option is ideal if you can predict the ice hockey team that will win within 60 minutes. However, there are restrictions on this option. For example, you lose a bet if your preferred team fails to win within the initial 60 minutes, even if it emerges as the overall winner. 

Total goal bets are equally good if you can predict the final result in goals scored. You must have an excellent ice hockey betting strategy to leverage this concept. For example, take time to analyze each team’s performance and know the favorites before betting.

Puck line handicaps are a variation of spread betting common in other sports. Points are usually analyzed against favorites and underdogs with a +1.5 or -1.5, respectively. In this case, you only win a bet if your preferred team does not lose by two or more goals.

Correct score bets can also be profitable if you can predict the final scoreline.