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GGBet has the most advanced CS GO esports betting options anywhere in the world! You can bet on hundreds of live monthly matches and stream the games in HD. Also, being a CS GO fan just got a whole lot easier, thanks to our tournament results, news, and real-time stats.

What Is CS: GO?

CS GO is a 5v5 first-person shooter. You either play as terrorists or counter-terrorists. Your goal is to kill the enemy and either plant the bomb if you are on the terrorist team or defuse the bomb if you are on the counter-terrorist team.

CS: GO is incredibly popular, and one of the most played esports in the world. CS GO has over 20 million monthly active players. The game is very popular in Europe and North America. Some of the best teams include FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, and Outsiders.

What GGBet CS GO Bets Can You Make?

At GG.Bet, you can make over 20 different CS GO bets. Some of the top CS GO bet types include:

  • Match results - Predict the winner!
  • First blood - Guess which players will score the first kill!
  • Total rounds - Determine how many rounds will be played in a CS GO game
  • Most kills - Guess which player or team will score the most kills
  • Number of maps - Predict the number of maps that will be played in a match

We recommend you try out various CSGO esports bet types until you find the one you like the most. With so much choice, the action never stops at GGBet!

How Does GGBet CS:GO Betting Work?

At GG Bet, you can start betting on incredible CS GO games in under 5 minutes. To get started, simply:

  • Sign up
  • Add funds to your account
  • Tap on CS GO
  • Pick a game
  • Select a bet type
  • Enter your bet amount
  • Confirm your bet

CS GO betting is all about predicting what is going to happen in a match. For example, you might bet on Natus Vincere’s S1mple to score the first kill in their match against FaZE Clan, if your prediction is correct, you win! Before you place your first bet, you need to consider the size of your bet and the odds. Bets with odds offer lower payouts, but they have a higher chance of winning.

What CSGO Tournaments Can You Bet On?

GGBet has extensive esports CS GO betting markets where you can bet on tournaments nearly every day of the week. Here are some of the most popular tournaments:

  • Intel Extreme
  • ESL

Create your GGBet account now and start betting on world-class CS GO games today with the most lucrative cs go betting odds. Your welcome bonus is waiting for you!